Monday, May 6, 2013

The Color Run

Yesterday, The Color Run came to Fort Lauderdale! Finally its on a Sunday and we can do it. I've had my eyes on doing one of these since last November when Yoni and I were in Key Biscayne and we saw all the colorful people finishing the race. Sadly many of these colorful races are on Shabbos and so that's out for us.

Finally, thanks to South Florida Yachad where Yoni is actively involved we found out about a Color Run on Sunday May 5th. I immediately signed up. I registered the whole family for this fun run. Why not? They said strollers were welcome but would get dirty and so the four us (actually three because Leora was free) signed up for the race.

When I told my kids what we were doing, I was obviously very excited and Dovi (7) said "will be get dirty?" to which I responded "yes but it will come off" and Leora (4) very loudly said "I am not getting dirty!" Ok so we had some work to do. We looked at pictures online and we talked about it a lot and how much fun it would be. Finally the kids were excited to being doing it because of all the hype we gave it.

Last week as it was getting closer we worried what if the kids can't walk the three miles? So we went out on some practice walks around the canal with is about 2.5 miles. Dovi was fine. He would be able to walk it but Leora would definitely need the stroller. Her legs got tired after 1 mile.

And so yesterday Sunday May 5th we all woke up early in the morning, 5:45 to be exact and we put on our crispest white shirts (which we later changed to Yachad shirts).

We started at about 7:50 and we finish about an hour later. It was pure fun. Every little bit you walked you got sprayed with a different color. And the best part was I had reached my 4 mile goal by 9:30 when we left the finish festival. A fun time had by all and the proof is in the pictures.

If you don't mind getting a little dirty and you can walk 3 miles I highly recommend one of these runs. Next up is the Color Me Rad run in MetLife Stadium, NJ on July 21st. Wanna join me? I started a team for Team OneFamily feel free to join. No fundraising just pure fun. I'm going in the 8AM wave and I'm hoping to run it this time sans children. You can register here but register quickly because its almost sold out.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 2 is done!

Week 2 is done! I'm half way to my goal of 100 miles and more than half way to my goal of raising $1,000.

I know you all thought I probably quit the challenge because  you haven't heard from me in a while. The truth is I've been so busy walking I haven't had time to blog. True Story!

Yesterday was Sunday and I usually get a lot of steps in because I am not working. Well yesterday we spent most of the day in the pool and while I'm sure I took many steps in the pool my Fitbit couldn't accompany me to the water.

So after the pool and dinner, we went on a family walk around the canal which is about 2.5 miles. It was a practice for the Color Run which we are doing as a family on Sunday. Needless to say Leora (4) did not make it all the way around and spent about 1 mile of the 2.5 on her Abba's shoulders.

Its nice to include the kids in a fun and healthy activity.

Here's to another wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ain't never gonna let you down

Day 8 was the first day since the Walk2Israel started that I didn't reach my 10,000 step milestone. Every day during the first week I reached 10,000 steps and most days I hit almost 11,000 or more.

Yesterday, even after walking around the house instead of watching TV, my FitBit said 9,655 steps. And although I have plenty of extra steps to hold me over from other days I am still feeling a little defeated.

So today, I got out EXTRA early to start walking...cuz I ain't never gonna let you down. Actually I don't want to let myself down either. So here's to a 12,000 step day and don't forget its Wednesday

Remember these?


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Monday, April 22, 2013

April showers bring May Flowers

As it turns out the Aventura Mall isn't as big as it seems. It is however I great place to walk around.

As my usual 7:30 PM walking hour rolled around it started to rain. Not just rain though - pouring rain with thunder and lightening. It was not pretty.

So me and two of my friends Nechama and Ettie made our way to the mall to walk. We walked back and forth and around many time (we lost count) until my little Fitbit reached the 10,000 mark.

So it occurred to me today during the rain that April may not be the best time for a walk. Because as we all know April showers bring May flowers. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Day 6

Today I learned 5 new things about Publix

1. The lights in the freezer section are controlled by motion sensors and they go on and off when you walk by.
2. The cleaning isle smells amazing.
3. There is a corner of Publix dedication to wine.
4. Lots of people take their blood pressure in Publix
5. It takes 756 steps to walk up and down every isle from one end to the other.

That's right! Today I walked Publix...from one end to the other...6 times.

Today is Sunday which means no work (officially) which should give me plenty of time for walking. However since I had all day to get my walking in I pretty much postponed it all day. I had done about 50% of my required steps by 5 PM but I knew I needed to get out for a walk and Turnberry Circle in Aventura was my chosen destination. Just as soon as the kids were in bed I'd drive to Aventura and walk 1 time around which I think is about 3 miles.

Well after dinner and bath time my husband says "its raining". Apparently this is the season where it pours ever day for about an hour. If I wait out the rain it will be dark and I wont be able to walk. Plan B was to walk in the Aventura Mall but I have no idea what time the mall closes on Sunday.

So I headed to Publix and walked up and down I had reached my goal. Yes this is one of the stranger things I've done but I'm glad I didn't succumb to watching the Heat Game on the couch with my husband and not walking!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Always Walking

Friday was Day 4 and it was AMAZING!

I knew I needed to get out for a walk so I managed my time effectively which enabled me to go out for a walk. I posted on ask on Facebook for a walking partner. I was joined with by my friend Ettie and we walked around the canal 2.5 miles on Friday afternoon at 4:30PM. Usually I don't have time for a walk on Friday afternoon as no matter how late Shabbos is I am always preparing until the last minute.

During my walk my cell phone rang and it was another friend wanted to know if I went walking yet because she too wanted to walk.

Friday at Candle Lighting time my Fitbit was registering only 8,827 steps so after I lit Shabbos candles I took Leora for another walk around the neighborhood which I'm sure had I been wearing the Fitbit, it would have exceeded 10,000 steps.

Shabbos was Day 5 and I was not wearing the Fitbit (thankfully as I doubt I would have made it proud). I did get out for a walk to Shul and back and to the park and back but nothing like the last few days. 

The exciting part about Day 5 was going to Shul. Several people asked me how the walking was going and if I could take them with me next time I go. 

The answer is:


I'm always looking for company so if anyone wants to go walking, text, call or Facebook me because I'm...


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Walking To The Other Side Of Town

Day 3

This morning I managed a walk with my husband around the canal a block away from our house. A walk to the canal, around and back is 2.5 miles and a GREAT way to start Day 3 of my walking challenge. By 9AM I was half way through to the 5,000 mark. Everything was going great until my son came home with a massive headache. He was likely dehydrated and so we spent the rest of the afternoon inside instead of outside like we usually do.

So at 7:30PM after the kids were in bed and it was still light out I decided to walk to do an errand I hadn't done all week. I had to pick up a letter from someone on 7th Court which in North Miami Beach is the "other side of town" from where we live on 12th Court.

I always laugh when people say the other side of town. Here that means the other side of 10th Avenue which is the main road that runs through this section of town. In New Jersey a walk across town meant walking from River Road to Country Club or from Bergenfield to South of Cedar which is about 3 miles one way. This is North Miami Beach and the other side of town is exactly 10 blocks away or 3/4 of a mile one way or 1.5 miles round trip. I walked and when I got back I had just met my goal of 10,000 steps. I guess its good to live in a small town where you can walk from one end to the other in 10 minutes because had it been farther I probably wouldn't have walked!

All in all mission accomplished.